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Akwesi Afoakwah (iiiConic) is a 18 year old rapper in Brisbane, Australia who originates from Ghana, West Africa. Many people know him as, ‘Akka’. Akka started writing music at the age of 10 with his crew from Riverhills and eventually started recording at the age of 11. In his primary school days, Akka’s pursuit of music was driven by his uprising idols at the time, such as Justin Bieber, Cody Simpson, Lil Twist, Lil Chuckee and ISSA Thompson. As he entered high school, he started listening to Australian hip-hop more often and developed a big interest in artists like Seth Sentry, iLLY, 360, Miracle iLLER, Manu Crooks and Drapht. Akka’s pursuit of music shortly landed him in a position where he’s get criticized and harassed at school, but with his overpowering endurance and persistence, his love for music grew larger and his determination increased. Now, having left high school, iiiConic usually only sees loving supporters and fans who only want to see him grow. Akka’s music is basically a reflection what he learns through his experiences. His music aims to reach to the youth and send a positive message of motivation. Still making music in his bedroom, he has shown his supporters that he is worthy of making it big in the music industry. iiiConic isn’t only a recording artist, he is also a producer and sound engineer of his own music. Recently joining forces with DBL Team and being managed by DBL Team and Call;Response’s very own, Hamish Deeth, iiiConic now has the industry support he needs to make his dream a reality. He has consulted with artists like iLLY, Fortafy and many other artist, they agree that he is heading towards the right direction. iiiConic hopes to change the minds of many people in the future, but as for now he stays passionate about his art