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grew up in regional NSW and now resides in Sydney. His first memories of Hip Hop are listening to such artists such as the @Hilltop Hoods and @Bliss n Eso during long car trips with his Uncle Matt who sadly passed away in 2013.

Hailing from rural NSW Imagine the Rapper start recording, writing and releasing music from above a pub in early 2018. Fast forward to 2019, the 21 year-old MC has played a few live shows and relocated to Sydney.

Imagine’s song writing acts as a cathartic process, diving into his own insecurities often creating a raw yet relatable listen, landing closely with those who understand. Although to contrast this, Imagine shares the positivity he has found within music and an unparalleled optimism that can only come from over coming adversity.

Taking influence from great cathartic writers such as Kid Solo (Horrorshow), Mac Miller and J.Cole Imagine’s song writing creates vivid worlds that transport the listener into moments frozen in time.

The Sydney MC trademarks a classic aussie sound with a raw, genuine positivity that is not often heard in Hip Hop today. Imagine presents beautifully simplified rhyme schemes, coupled with melodic, swaying vocals that breeze effortlessly over the coastal, key driven production of James Crooks