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alleged to be the first Graffiti crew in Australia, who went on to develop Rock City Funk.


The IBS was formed in 1985.


IBS graffiti crew.
International Bomb Squad graff crew are all odd fellows inducted by Prime who was our Grand Master, until his recent passing.
Genuine male members of the International Bomb Squad had to travel to Melbourne and be inducted by Yuri.
Snooze of FAB 4 was never inducted by Yuri, and as far as we are concerned has not ever been, nor ever will be inducted into our crew.
Following Yuri’s passing Snooze Fab 4 will never genuinely be part of the International Bomb Squad.
Snooze FAB 4 is claiming something that he was never genuinely part of, and can never be part of.
Now that we know that he is trying to steal our history, he will have to desist.
Other fraternal groups associated with Prime also know the truth.
Snooze FAB 4 is an imposter and has been outed as not being an odd fellow.
I didn’t put Snooze FAB 4 in IBS, nor did Prime.
Genuine members of the International Bomb Squad graffiti crew deny that Snooze FAB 4 was ever part of our crew.
Speakeasy RCF IBS. The REAL IBS – Sydney History.