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IRON EMPIRE is a collective from Adelaide, South Australia, composed of emcees, vocalists, multi-instrumentalists and producers DR DICTIONARY aka. FLODYSSEUS, MAD MANTIS, THE ZUES, BBT, THE PEBBLE-SNATCHER, LIQUID MAJIC aka. QUIXOTIQUE, 33X, BOFFA, SPINAFEKS and are managed by Iron Umpire DON MEGA.

Iron Empire has released three studio albums ‘DOC & THE MAD MAN’, ‘THE COUNT’ and ‘SWIFT KICKS’. Iron Empire contributors are known as Board Members and they develop most of their beats and lyrics down in WARD6 and CINEMA4.

Iron Empire was first conjured up in the mind of the Mad Mantis in the early 2000’s. Inspired by one of his larger hip hop influences, the RZA of Wu-Tang Clan, Mantis envisioned an Aussie Hip Hop collective of like minded individuals tallying all of their musical and poetic abilities into one united force. The idea was ready to bloom, but sat latent for a time.

As the number of contributors grew, most notably the addition of producer The Zues, the idea again surfaced in 2008. This time, however, an additional element was added to the mix when The Zues presented a logo to the group members. It was the branding of an actual iron imprint. The revelation changed the very nature of the original name, hinting that there were many layers to the collective. The name and logo were solidified, and IRON EMPIRE was official.