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Izzy aka Izrael is one half of the Dynamic Duo that is Izzy n The Profit…

Izzy is a Kamilaroi man ; hail’s from Penrith aka “tha riff” in the Western suburbs of Sydney, Australia.
He started writing rhymes in “1998” but his love for Hip Hop started way before that.
After working with a couple of different artists ; crews over time that didn’t quite pan out the way Izzy would of liked them to due to life’s circumstances, finally…. 10 yrs since he first picked up the pad ; pen, he got involved with Krosswerdz Australia in early “2008” ; that’s where His passion ; skill’s really ignited ; took flight…
“My Faith ; past experiences are used quite vibrantly in my music….it’s what makes me, me!”
Also, as One of Sydney’s most proactive duos, Izzy and DJ Maniak host ; run two monthly Hip Hop Events, “Vent @ Valve” ; “Rhythm ; Rhyme”, as well as other Freestyle Cyphers, etc.
Now working on his Debut solo LP – Snake Eye’s as well as a second LP with The Profit from Gosford.
Keep your eyes ; ears open for Izzy, coz he’s here to stay!
Izzy n The Profit: “Pulling Strings” LP – Out Now!!!
Izzy: “Snake Eye’s” LP – Coming Soon!!!
zzy is a Kamilaroi man Born ; Raised in Penrith ; is also one half of the Dynamic Duo that is Izzy n The Profit…
Izzy has been a part of the furniture in the Sydney Hip Hop scene for a third of his lifetime. After coming in contact with the Krosswerdz crew in Sydney many years ago, it empowered him to utilize his passion as an emcee and his faith in God and use it to communicate life and hope to a greater audience.
Izzy has a powerful testimony about redemption, perseverance, identity, culture and growth. Izzy has a very potent lyrical approach to songs and is not afraid to approach a difficult topic and tackle an issue in a track with honesty and heartfelt lyrics.
Izzy has been given a great gift to be able to relate to people from many walks of life, with Hip Hop and Ministry as a focus in life, he has been lead to many youth groups, churches, community groups, youth centres, juvenile detention centres and many more locations to spread a message of life and hope through Hip Hop.
Izzy also plays a big role in the Indigenous community; participating in community events, gigs and also workshops for young Indigenous Australians.
An emcee who speaks from the heart and has an acceptance and understanding of people that makes a great impact.