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Sydney-based outfit Jackie Brown Jr. are a vibrant 5-piece known for their unique brand of music, dubbed affectionately as ‘Pulp Fiction Soul Rock.’

“‘Lake Loser’ begins as a gentle stroll for your morning coffee, evoking sunbeams through half-­closed curtains as Madeleine Mallis ​delivers her husky narrative of finding one’s feet.”
– Ripe Music​ on ‘Lake Loser’

“Jackie Brown Jr are something of a unicorn in the Australian scene, boasting extremely listenable music with a raw, original energy that is unmatched.”
– Phantasmagoria Magazine​ on ‘Jackie Brown Jr’

“It’s one of those songs that draws you in and blows your mind back out the other side. A single melody line and a couple of cymbals, and Jackie Brown Jr are singing the listener into their world for three minutes and forty­-eight seconds.”
– Alt Media ​on ‘Dud Street’