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– appeared on the Roc Da City compilation.

Jase “Rock Da City (Battlecry)”

Jase: I was starting to check out more electro and breakbeat stuff, and that was my first ever try at a breakbeat track. Before NuBreed formed, the three of us said to each other, ‘We’ll do a track each before the years end. If we can get three or four songs out, we’ll start working professionally.’ My donation to the cause was the Rock Da City track.

It sort of blew-up after that – got signed to Zero Tolerance label – which is DMC Records. They were gonna put that out as a twelve inch. The track order on the original RDC CD is all wrong, so they put the UK remix on one side and Troy’s track [Soul Terrain], when they gave me the test-pressings it was like, ‘What the hell is Troy’s song doing on there?’ [laughs] We ended-up giving them another song.

Jase – A man with connections

In the world of Australian Hip Hop, Jase has certainly made an impression. Renowned for his groundbreaking work on a multitude of hip-hop releases over the past 10 years, and as one third of electronic act Nubreed, Jase’s latest creation is the ‘Jase Connection’.
“The ‘Jase Connection’ is a twenty track compilation featuring mostly Australian emcee’s with overseas guests like Eternia from Canada and Javs (pronunced havs) from L.A. All the music was produced and mixed by myself and is the first release on my new label Beathedz via Obese Records,” he says.
“It’s (Beathedz) basically to kick start the careers of new emcee’s coming up in Australia. After producing the likes of Pegz (Obese), Trem (Unkut), Prowla ( Nuffsaid ) and Raph (Crookneck ) over the years, I thought it was time to step up and create my own outlet for my productions. Look out for a new album by Patto, and album tracks for the likes of Reason, A-Love, Hyjak n Torcha, Spit Syndicate, Haunts & Tactic One and Javs.”
Jase explains how the new album came together.
“A lot of this album was made around the times of regular Nubreed tours around Australia and Asia. So every chance I got whether in the hotel room or at home between gigs I made beats for this record. The biggest pain was taking my studio apart every weekend to tour,” he says.
It’s been said that the new album “unites the scene and is destined to be a monumental piece of Aussie Hip-Hop history.’
“I think each artist brought something different to the table. I purposely chose artists that had distinct flows and diverse subject matter so it would sound like a compilation instead of the formulaic same style track over and over. There is something for everyone from the club style beats to that sample based grimee, eerie production that I was known for in the past,” he says.
The album was released in June and aims to build global awareness of the growing Australian hip-hop scene and showcase the varied talent.
“At the moment we are concentrating on Australia as it has only been out for three weeks but I hope to find UK and New Zealand distribution as not much Australian hip hop reaches those countries,” he says.
Jase launched the album at Revolver in Melbourne on Friday the 9th of June, with the night promising to be a “grand affair” with 10 of the featured artists appearing, showcasing the latest tracks from ‘Jase Connection’.
“The launch was great. It was a packed… Revolver and I was happy with the turnout given it’s (the album) only been out a short time. Thanks to the emcee’s that performed their album tracks live like Phrase, Daniel Merriweather, Muph & Pegz, Equills, Patto etc. DJ Flagrant also cut up a storm!”
As well as music, Melbourne-based Jase is a graffiti writer.
“I have been painting since 1988 with a few breaks in between to concentrate on music and touring. My crew “ROCK DA CITY” get together more as a reunion these days to hang out, catch up and paint murals on our free weekends. I try to get out there at least once a month. Check for my latest legal walls,” he says
After the worldwide success with Nubreed, Jase gives insight into becoming a solo artist.
“I think the transition from making breakbeat to hip hop was a little difficult as hip hop is so minimal and I had to control myself from overdoing beats and drowning out the emcee’s with music as my breakbeat stuff was mostly instrumental. Most of the decision making fell on me which was also a big change coming from a group environment where you bounce a lot of ideas and feedback in order to maintain the direction of a song,” he says.
Following the release of the album, Jase will be taking it on tour, hopefully around August this year.
“I’m trying to put a show together that will incorporate the guest emcees, my production, a DJ and some special efx live. A lot of my show will encompass what I’ve learnt from the Nubreed experience so I will be dropping live remixes and never heard before beats from the vaults.”
For those of us still yet to experience Jase play live, he describes the atmosphere of a live show.
“It’s a bit of a sensory overload from what I see from up on stage. I have guests jumping up constantly for my show and the DJs scratching and I’m dropping samples and doing emcee back ups, the crowd get hit with beats and sounds from all angles….lol. I’m looking forward to when crowds know the songs a bit more and can participate and can recognise what we are putting together live.”go



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