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My name is Jhal du Paul. I’m a Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Composer & Producer from Sydney, Australia.
I’ve been composing Instrumentals/Beats for 18 years. I started composing Instrumentals on a “WK 1800 CASIO Musical Information System and produced up to 500+ Instrumentals/Beats. I now compose using my home studio set up that consists of the music software program “Reason” and I have made an additional 500+ Instrumental/Beats.
I’m also a lyricist/writer, which I have many folders of typed and printed up lyrics for myself to record or others who wish to collaborate with me.
I’m a Rapper/Singer as well and have recorded (using my Rode NT1000) over 250+ recordings, which are structured completed songs however some songs require a professional Sound Engineer for mixing and mastering purposes. I record my vocals using the music software program Ableton Live 8.
I have collaborated with Producers/Beat Makers from around the world, from countries such as: France, Brazil, Germany, Poland and USA.
I have recorded and collaborated with many artists from Sydney, Australia as well but one of my greatest collaborations was I featured on a song with the US Rap Group “The Outlawz” – (2pac’s Rap Crew).
I have been fortunate enough to be mentored by a few great unmentionable Australian Music Industry members.

I am currently not available online on iTunes & Spotify. Just search ”Jhal du Paul” on YouTube for now to receive my two free promotional albums, which are available on here as well.

I have also featured on the Wu-Invasion Series Mixtapes, which are affiliated with Wu Tang Clan’s DJ – DJ Symphony and GZA and Ghostface Killah. I’m on The Australian Editions Vol. 1 (disc 2) and Vol. 2 & I’m on the World Edition Vol. 1 & 2. They are free and downloadable on “Distribute Kings” and my songs being “Over Living Poor”, “Trampoline”, “Gratitude” & “ Seduce Me” all songs have been downloaded more than 10 million times all up in total online.