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Gifted Singer, Rapper and Songwriter John Hakim, 19, Hailing from Darwin, NT, Australia, has been making music since he was 11. Telling tales of burgeoning desires, and the trials and tribulations of a teenager in the current day and age with a lyrical maturity far beyond his years, John Hakim speaks nothing but truth on his first release, the catchy and enriching “UP”. With instantly relatable lyrics “UP” will leave you feeling lifted and enlightened “so I’m going up up and I’m never coming down never coming down i’m going up and I’m never coming down never coming down never coming down and i tried all for mama” His auto tuned vocals and unique flow are reminiscent of DRAM and Lil Yachtys “Broccoli” but his individual personality and interesting point of view leave you wanting to hear more. This level of maturity and musicianship coming from such a young artist gives hope for the next generation of talent who are straight talking with a current edge. John has high aspirations and says
“In a few years I see myself changing the world or I would have to be changed by the world – my music is a reflection of my heart but my heart is bigger than my music itself.”
John Hakim’s inspirational lyrics and wise words lead you to reflect on your childhood and where you’re from and ultimately where you are now as everyone grows up sometime. Expect to hear more from this talented artist in 2017 and beyond.
Record Label
LD Records