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Johniepee – from Sydney, started in 2015

Johniepee – 25 – Syd City by way of Perth.I live and breathe music, however it took until 2015 for me to pursue it. (Accidental rhymes)Luckily enough for me, growing up surrounded by a vast array of music has allowed me to shape my own style, unique sound and draw from a wide range influences.
I’ve been a “Student” of hip hop since I can remember which I believe has held me in good stead with lyricism, flow and live performance.
I spent 2015 writing, trying to perfect my pen game and I played my first show in Melbourne.
I spent 2016 writing, dropping webcam videos, honing my skillset and my sound.
2017, stuff got real.
I’ve played multiple shows every month, released my debut E.P “Bigger Things” which reached number 10 on the international Hip-Hop charts on Itunes via word of mouth and I toured around the country with Bliss N Eso to top it all off.
I’ve dropped a handful of new singles which you can check out on all major streaming services too!
I’m currently working on my next project due for release in 2018 and am stoked to be able to share my story, uplift others and make jams that people love.