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In 1988 the Queensland’s 1st ever regular Hip-Hop Radio show “JUST2DEF”, was broadcast from Queensland University Community Radio 4ZZZ 102.1 FM Brisbane Australia. The program, hosted by Biz and Jafa, (Brian Bizze Petts and Geoff Jafa Brisbane), was 2 hours of ground breaking music, exclusive mega-mixes, interviews and ”shout outs”, in this exact time slot of 8pm to 10pm Friday nights. (this ‘one off” anniversary show airs June 8th).
Turntables and samplers were forging their way as new instruments of ‘modern music”. Hip Hop was beginning to germinate around the world with the popularity of breakdancing and the first Rap Superstars were making their first underground/Independent records. The genre continues to influence popular culture, and impact billions of people around the world.

It is a wonderful pleasure for Electric Crush to bring back the “JUST2DEF” crew for this 30th Anniversary special. “JUST2DEF” was of course the pre-cursor to the “Phat Tape” Hip Hop show – Australia’s longest running rap radio show.
If you’d like to request your favourite electro/rap classics, get in early and post some thoughts on the event page…Make sure all the requests are within the Just 2 Def era: 1988 and earlier…!! –¬†