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Kawz is a south-east Queensland emcee who has been doing his thing since ’99 on the solo front and as part of his crew’s RuffSide and Fifth Fam. Offloading a barrage of slick metaphors over his dicey flow, musty tone, foul mouth and f#*k you attitude. With his warped sense of humour, Kawz will not conform to any standard, breaking the mould with his own unique style. In 2005 Kawz released his independent debut LP ‘Kawz N Effekt’ which was picked up by Obese Records for distribution. He has been described as a cross between The Hilltop Hoods and The Funkoars. Kawz’s style is very hard-hitting, in your face, personal and most of all humourous, staying true to his roots he is very Australian with his accent, humour and mannerism. Appearing on a selection of crew offerings by RuffSide and Fifth Fam he also has a mammoth hoard of guest appearances under his belt. Constantly honing his craft, Kawz has worked with Block McCloud, Louis Logic, Celph Titled, 4th Disciple (Wu-Tang) C-Rayz Walz, Nekby Music, DJ Clash and shared a stage with the king of death rap, Necro. Kawz has also supported the likes of Louis Logic, Del The Funky Homosapien, C-Rayz Walz, Bliss N Eso, The Funkoars, Bigfoot, Tornts, 750 Rebels and Wepon X & Ken Hell to name a few. A black sheep in the scene, Kawz is about to showcase his true colours on his forthcoming release Lunatic Music….. Lunatic Music showcases Kawz’s finest work to date with exceptional rhymes over second to none production from Australia and the U.S alike. Featuring on the album are guest appearances from some of Brisbanes best established and up and coming artists as well as a special guest spot from New York heavy hitter Louis Logic. After supporting Logic on the Australian leg of his world tour Kawz was personally asked by Logic to make the journey to his home city of Brooklyn where Kawz would be able to showcase his talents to an audience that otherwise would not get to experience. Kawz’s stage presence is commanding and boasts an exceptional live performance leaving the crowd wanting more everytime. Already gaining an interest in street press and radio air play, it’s only a matter of time before Kawz becomes a household name amoungst hip hop and music lovers everywhere…..