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Poetess / Rapper / Performer / DJ / PRINCI

The internet — people consider me an internet artist, from looking at my early work. That’s not really the case. People also often interpret Luxe as some sort of commentary on consumer culture — it’s not. It’s a very sincere song, I wasn’t making fun of anything. I really did want all the things I sang about at the time.
I’d like to be seen as one of the best rappers in Australia. It’s time. I wouldn’t have known that a few months ago, but I can see it now. There a lot of work to do, but I think I’ll get there. There’s so much fresh Aussie hip-hop right now: Slim Set, Sampa the Great, Tkay. I wanna be part of that. I care about the Australian music scene.
I study Creative Writing at university, I nanny, and I teach piano.