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King Shifty is an Australian rapper, producer, performing artist, video director, editor and recording engineer from thestreets of Inner West, Sydney.
His debut album, Rough As Guts, was released as a free download in August, 2010, and he is now currently working on his upcoming EP entitled, ‘Once upon A Crime’ which is due to be released 31st May, 2014.


Shifty has opened up for acts such as Hopsin from the United States, and collaborated with artists such as B-Don & MiZi, John’ 94, Qikcav, Losty, Izzy n The Profit and Hed UBD.
And while always brining energy to the stage, there’s often a chance you may see him perform on the cello as well. Regarding his style of raps, Shifty is probably more so known for his raw spitting delivery and his familiar husky voice, not to mention his metaphorical approach in his comical lyrics.