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With fast flows, razor-sharp punchlines, and boundless energy, Gold Coast rapper Koko The Kid makes hard-hitting, quick-witted hip-hop.

The Adelaide-born artist and actor creates characters through which he expresses different aspects of his personality, while getting real topics off his chest.

Topics of mental health, substance abuse, and vulnerability are all contrasted with a ‘life of the party’ braggadocio in Koko The Kid’s debut single, “Rain Dance”, out on December 1st.

Koko’s love for hip-hop came during his time as an actor, where he would often sleep at university, eating from the vending machines while writing raps throughout the night.

A former member of Hedron Collective, Koko gained his confidence writing hundreds of never-to-be-released tracks before staking out his own path, moving to Melbourne to record and develop his solo sound.