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BIO: KROOKID (pronounced crooked) KROOKID MC, is a 29 year old Hip-Hop musician based out of Townsville, North Queensland, working with a group of artists, making independent music for over a decade. Since 13, Krookid was involved in creating, writing, performing and recording music (drummer of his junior high school’s band). By 17 he had met with top CEO’s of the biggest Australian indie labels and knew he wanted to create similar building blocks for his region. He showed interest in professionally mixing and editing his own songs, performing and promoting his own music in major concerts and establishing an independent entertainment label and studio in 2005 with his co-partner as a platform to launch and promote their indie music. Highlights shows since include supporting legendary rap groups Outlawz and Grammy winners Bone Thugs N Harmony in concert both in 2011 with the Supavillanz as main live performing support act in Townsville. Krookid has also performed main supporting roles for ARIA Award winners Bliss N Eso, Muph and Plutonic, toured with Deadly Award winners The Last Kinection as well as being one of the featured acts at the Common Ground Festival headlined by ARIA award winners Koolism in Cairns. Krookid has official film clips released for his singles. This includes “Summertime” (released 14th January 2013), “Trials and Tribulations” (released 26th January 2012) and “Fit In My Shoes” (released 2011) At present, Krookid is performing regularly at local events and recording an album with fellow Townsville musicians with Dirty Music Entertainment due for release by end of 2017 with a tour to follow across the nation.