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Founder at Behind The Front (content) and FBi Radio Hip Hop show host with Dobby every Wednesday night 6pm – 8pm

KRYSTEL DIOLA is a name that has been in the music industry over the last 10 years, emerging as a spoken word/hip hop artist, to joining a minimum 6 piece jazz funk band called 5 Coffees as MC, singer and guitarist, departing the band to starting her own PR and Events company called Behind The Front in 2014 curating specialized soul music events with local and international artists.

Known amongst her peers as DIOLA and the woman who can tackle pretty much anything in her local music community, one thing has remained, her reputation as ‘one-of-the-go-to’ for quality music, uncovering local artists, curating events, and DJing at events has put her forward as an artist in demand for her music service and expertise.

Krystel Diola began taking DJing as a serious profession in the last three years, with her DJ skills traversing hip hop, soul, funk, groove music and quality future soul beats. Krystel Diola is the official tour DJ for HAU (Koolism/Triple J Hip Hop show) embarking on a national and NZ tour inclusive of Splendor In The Grass, and is the official DJ for soul/pop artist Sarsha Simone.

Krystel Diola has played at Funkdafied events, Lioness Presents, Ladies Love Hip Hop presented by Grindin’, Soul Benefits, Noah Slee (GER), One Billion Rising, Milan Ring and string of locally and Auckland based events. Krystel Diola continues to play music that she believes will help open minds to help grow our local soul music community. It’s important to her that she makes you feel something intangible.

Not one for small talk, she is social theorist, observant and deeply reflective who enjoys finding meaning behind social enigmatic trends and their social consequences. Don’t be surprised if get hooked in a deep and meaningful conversation, it’s what she does effortlessly.