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I write songs to tell a story, to connect the human experience. We all bleed the same, and sometimes words within music is what connects us, it empowers us and gives us the strength to live just another day, another hour, another second.
Making music is what made me resilient, and live through my bad experiences in high school. My interest in rap / hip hop sparked from my interest in poetry and a school project for “rapping about fair trade”. Eventually I wanted to take it further and begin writing more original songs, recording them as I go.
I don’t have a huge following as you can see, but if you can give a budding artist a chance to perform and share, give me a like / follow, that would mean the world to me and I will not disappoint with the effort I put in my song writing. We all bleed the same, I want to connect people hand in hand with my words, my poetry, my lyrics.