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We are Chica and Shaman, Chilean brother and sister, and we grew up on the rough streets of Cabramatta. Shaman currently spends most of his time working on making beats and Chica works full time in the hospitality industry to help support their close knit family. We started getting interested in making music at least 8 years ago, when Chica was only 13 and have since performed at a few venues. We have only recently recorded our 2 track demo to get a bit of experience in the recording studio and to start spreading our music for our friends, family and any one else who want to hear it can listen. The reason why we want to make music is because we want to reach people and show them what it was like growing up in Cabramatta. We want people to know where we’re from, how we live and the struggles we went through growing up here. We want to show people what the reality is because there are many young people out there who are growing up the same way that we did and there are young people who do not cope and many commit suicide or run away or take drugs. We want to reach people and let them know that there is hope and that there is still a chance for them to find themselves, because we have been there too. We also want to talk about the war and how it affects us, why we shouldn’t be in it and we want to remind people that innocent people and children are killed in war.

We don’t make commercial-style party songs, we rap about things that actually mean something to us. We’re underground heads down with the real hip hop, no 50 cent bullshit here!!!

band members

Chica – Vocals Shaman – Vocals and beats


  • Shaman started producing in early 2000 for a local hip hop group that eventually broke apart due to other commitments, Shaman kept going on strong, learning more about producing and sampling, later not knowing his sister was writing rhymes at the time and battling other emcees in public when ever she got the chance, ripping up her competition, they later joined and formed a group and Los Rooks was born. Living the majority of there childhood (still residents) on the mean streets of Cabramatta, they went through tough experiences that would would later inspire there art form, they choose to take all the negative and turn it into a positive, spitting at local youth events, feeling as if they were role models to the troubled peers in the community, sending out an important message threw hip hop “you do not have to become a product of your surroundings” they tell it how it is, nothing is left out – drugs, gangs, corruption, shootings……they are planing to drop an Ep later this year.