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  • Romy Hoffman constructs rap labyrinth’s whose corners are peepholes into the world. Her style encapsulates the essence of emceeing as a voice, a message, and an instrument. She is a social and cultural commentator who uses the medium of rhyme to better understand both herself and the world at large.
  •  Initially based in Melbourne, since 2014 she has worked in Los Angeles.
  • s a 15-year-old she started playing guitar with her high school classmate Ben Lee‘s pop, punk band Noise Addict.[2] With the group, she toured the United States where she encountered the New York-based hip hop culture
  • she released her debut solo seven-track extended play, Hyperbolic Logic, in 2004.[5][6] Colman observed, “It’s a challenging listen, with Hoffman spitting tight, at times confronting, rhymes over dark, uneasy and engaging beats… The listening effort unearths a poetic and abstract wordsmith sharing personal experiences and insights.”[3] AllMusic‘s Heather Phares noticed, “[the EP], which introduced her passionate and often witty MC style.”[
  • 2006 also saw Hoffman become the first hip-hop act (and only the second Australian act) to be signed to the US record label, Kill Rock Stars (home to The GossipDeerhoofSleater Kinney and Bikini Kill).[8] She released her first full-length album, Moments in Movement, in September 2006 created in collaboration with local producer Tony Buchen. The album was nominated for the 2006 J Award
  • Macromantics is the nom de rap of Melbourne, Australia-based Romy Hoffman, who began her musical career as a guitarist in Ben Lee‘s band Noise Addict when she was just 15. While touring and performing with Noise AddictHoffmanfell in love with hip-hop and began incorporating it into her own music and punk-inspired, D.I.Y. approach. In 2004, she self-released her debut as Macromantics, the Hyperbolic Logic EP, which introduced her passionate and often witty MC style. Performing live with turntablist DJ AmyHoffmanmade a name for herself supporting artists as diverse as Architecture in HelsinkiErase Errata, and Sage Francis. Her debut album, Moments in Movement, was released in summer 2006 in Australia and earned a nomination for that year’s J Award for Album of the Year; it arrived in the U.S. via Kill Rock Stars early in 2007.