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MAdlock are…
Plutonic Lab
C Toro
and sometimes Prowla
We’ve been playing mostly Plutonic / RuCL material.

  • Appeared on the Hip Hop compilation album album ‘Rock Da City’

Madlock “Madlock”

Plutonic Lab: The Madlock instrumental was initially recorded live in my warehouse one night, direct to DAT tape, using whatever mics I had through a little Teac mixer I owned. We were good enough players, with excellent dynamics between us, to make it work. Personnel was Derm – keys; Chris Toro – bass; myself on drums; and Prowls on turntables. Me and Prowla added some sounds and did a bit of magic before it went to two-track again. For me, the release brings back memories of having very little in terms of gear but we just had that hunger and drive to make something work. All the shit on RDC has heart, you can hear it.