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An independent contemporary Hip-Hop, Soul and R&B rapper, singer, songwriter and producer, Malakai lives in urban fused melodies and lyrics with rhythm and attitude.

Humbled by his exposure to different cultures, the Melbourne, Australian native made his proper debut in 2015. The year in which he released “City of God” (Mixtape), a one-man production that comprised of individually composed instrumentals, recording, mixing and mastering titles of and on his own. The “City of God” Mixtape that featured 13 tracks of heartfelt and provocative sounds of rap, soul and spoken word broke boundaries and highlighted a much needed change in the local music scene.

Malakai has since revamped his first studio project, remastered and re-released in the form of an EP, with additional unreleased titles such as ‘We Miss You.’ Over the years Malakai has held on to his love for sound across a vast number of genres largely due to upbringings in Mozambique, Tanzania, America and Australia, Only scratching the surface. Consistency shall prove to be rewarding if the sounds keep flowing for this young, bright mind.

 ” To be completely honest, I’ve been trying to avoid listening to other artists while working on my music. I’ve been trying to get myself into a particular mindset to tap into my raw sound, so I’ve only really listened to local artists in the Melbourne scene. Akido, Maya, Neezy, Zima, and one of my favourite female artists right now, Kelsey.”

My music is meant for the people. It’s meant to be shared. Whenever you hear something coming from me, it’s from the most authentic and genuine part of me. I live these lyrics. You get all facts. Pure heart. I wear that on my sleeve through my music, so I like to let that speak for itself.