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My name is Mali-Jose Bouquey De Araujo. I go by the name MALi JO$E and i make hip hop music.
For me, music is my passion, my love and ultimately my life. There’s hardly any day’s where I don’t immerse myself with the music that I listen to. Hip Hop is more than a genre to me, its a lifestyle and its my culture. At a young age I was exposed to the likes of KRS One, Tupac Shakur, Mos Def, Public Enemy, Wu tang clan and A Tribe Called Quest. The early exposure to Hip Hop to me, created a solid foundation for my own music.
I’m heavily influenced by the artists I admire. Remi, GoldLink, Vince staples, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky and Tyler the creator. I’ve also had the privilege to be surrounded by amazing up and coming artist SUPEREGO and JCAL & Ziggy Ramo who have become role models and nothing less than family to me.
Through my music I hope to amaze and just be called amazing as well as change lives and inspire others to follow there passion and conquer there dreams.

Featured on the 6KMC UPNEXT MIXTAPE 001 – 6K ARTISTS

band members
Vocals/songwriting: MALi JO$E 17 years BEATS/production: OJC43 17 years