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Just outside the city of Monrovia (Liberia-West Africa), in a small town by the name of Logan Town, Emery Dixon emerged. In these crime-confined streets he learned early on that using his passion for music would be the key to his success. Known to friends and fans as Marvelous ‘B’ a.k.a Young Black, Emery knew exactly what he wanted to do. As with many of those with such vocal and writing talents, it all started from the first pew. When little Emery started to rap his family immediately took notice. Soon, starry-eyed and filled with inexperience he was up in front of the neighborhood crowd on Saturdays. Although rather youthful, “he possessed a sense of musical maturity well beyond his years.” By rapping his heart out audiences were left in awe. With love for all things musical running in the body of Emery, Marvelous ‘B’ looked to nobody for guidance and was encouraged to write music and rap throughout his childhood? Eventually, due to some circumstances Marvelous ‘B’ packed up and left his family at a very young age. Continuing to write and rap in his spare time, music became more of a hobby for awhile, as he started to get noticed for his incomparable soccer I.Q. and his newfound talent. At age 17, Marvelous ‘B’ made his first appearance at the Pet Rock Recordings Studios (Perth, WA) and performed his first underground track ‘Let Em Know’ ft. an unknown mainstream artist. He eventually ended up performing at local shows, events and high school musicals. Although he received numerous accolades from music, the networking aspect of the collegiate environment proved delightfully favorable for Marvelous ‘B’. In High School, he began to pay more attention to his music– writing, singing and using the recording equipments. He began to write and produce for various local artists, learning how to arrange vocals along the way. Once High School was over, Marvelous ‘B’ put street life aside for awhile and devoted himself full-time to his music. Those countless Saturdays enabled him to give birth to a rapping style casually defined as “Futuristic Music.” With songs such as “Get A Drank” Chill With Us” just to name a few, he emulates no one and stimulates everyone. Marvelous ‘B’ delivers an alternative swing with a smother, sexy swagger. He’s more like an R&B rapper, pleasing the ladies with his sexy voice. Racking up unlimited performance time has injected his veins with a stage presence that would intrigue the blind. Exuding confidence within his vocal ability alongside an impressive library of music, Marvelous ‘B’ is destined for global impaction. He has begun his trek to the top. Also to his credit he has recently had one of his songs “2012 ft. Mike Eddie” was the first song done by an Australian artist to be aired on mainstream radio (globally) and was ranked as the number song of the week. Marvelous ‘B’ has also done stand in work, plenty of remixes to songs from artists like P-Square, 50 Cent, Akon, Marcos Hernnadez, Gucci Mane and many more, an that’s just the tip of the game, an with all this being said In the words of this young crooner. Sit back, relax and enjoy the interlude. Marvelous ‘B’ is the next upcoming rap sensation.