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band members
Benjamin Reeve (MC Kolokwi) – production and vocals, Chris Zegers (MC Katsura)- vocals

cooking shows, travel, Anime

unearthed artists we like
the invisible drummer, dr h, audiblepidemiks, MerMa, Runtheblade


Master Chefs are Ben Reeve (MC Kolokwi) and Chris Zegers (MC Katsura). Formed at the beginning of 2005 the Master Chefs have dedicated themselves to concept driven hip hop. Food is a major part of everyone’s lifestyle and the abundance of imagery present in the kitchen and on the plate has formed the backbone of their art form. From its inception, the idea has continued to grow. Not content with simply rhyming about food, the kitchen and culinary situations , the group has become the concept, donning authentic uniforms and constructing kitchen sets as part of their live interpretation of the music. Midway through 2005 saw the Master Chefs secure their first show on the infamous Tokyo underground hip-hop circuit along side some of the cities best; Sclasher, ITS, Ryo+Cabbge2 and Beat Drunker. This event sparked the first cogs of momentum, developing into a monthly residency. Later that year, the Chefs teamed up with a group of local DJ’s to hold monthly events in the Tokyo downtown area of Ebisu called ENSEMBLE. The cumulative result of these two regular performances ensured word would spread quicker than margarine about the Master Chefs and their unique approach to the hip-hop genre. Their live shows are a testament to this. From live mash-ups to food themed game shows and sophisticated fruit salad buffets, a Master Chefs performance involves more than the tracks themselves – it’s a show that captures the crowd’s eyes as well as their ears – not to mention their stomachs. 2006 has seen the Chefs labour bearing its proverbial fruits. Collaborations with Australian artists Downpat and Rotheee and the teaming with world renowned Morganics as well as a spot on the first volume of the Circuit Breaker compilation from Lightsounds have enabled the duo’s produce to travel beyond the shores of the rising sun. The track on the Lightsounds release, Mixing Dicing Chopping Slicing, has a recently completed accompanying film clip. This video was shot at the world famous Tsukiji Soba Academy in Tokyo under the guidance of director David McCreary. Conceived in Tokyo; a city of devourers and astute food critics, the Master Chefs’ kitchen has now landed back on Australian soil and all burners are running full bore. Their self-titled debut album is due for release late 2006 and is sure to leave listeners simultaneously sated and salivating for more. Forging new steps in the long and well-worn path of hip-hop, the Master Chefs work to create a stylized approach to this cultural art form that is accessible for all people. Always innovating, the Master Chefs are not easily compartmentalized as they make music with the concept in mind. If you ever wondered what a muffin sounded like or were curious about the noise that would be generated from a 50ft chef attacking the landscape, their album will undoubtedly answer those queries.