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After 15 years at the coalface of Australia’s underground hip hop community, MC Skinz – one of the most underrated but most consistently active MCs in the country – has seen it all. Now emerging with his first ever solo project Master Wolf, Skinz has finally arrived on his own via a career that’s seen him supporting legendary international artists such as KRS-One, Grand Master Flash, Chali2na and Cut Chemist (Jurassic 5), Lyrics Born, Mystro, Foreign Beggars and Homebrew.
As an MC, producer and performer with KryptamistiK – a crew he co-founded at just 15 – as well as All Underground and Truth Serum, Skinz has opened shows for the cream of the Australian hip hop crop, including (but certainly not limited to) Bliss N Eso, Thundamentals, Horrorshow, Seth Sentry, Mantra, M-Phazes, Astronomy Class, Dialetrix, Drapht, Layla, Dzastah, Lotek, The Tongue, Elf Tranzporter, Daily Meds, Reverse Polarities, Loose Change, Bankrupt Billionares, Rainman, Binge Thinkers, Impossible Odds and The Optimen.
Well known for his intelligent rhyme content and freestyling abilities, after producing and rhyming on three releases in as many years, and with his primary crew KryptamistiK on hiatus, Skinz started making new beats, filling new notebooks and quietly working on what has become Master Wolf’s debut album The Driving Force, to be independently released in September.
Lead single ‘Never Question The Dopeness’, while giving a 1990s nod in the title, is firmly rooted in 2015, and our constant struggle for social progress. As the world becomes smaller and more demanding of its “leaders”, the song applauds humans’ ability to think creatively, act cooperatively and call upon inspiration beyond themselves, in the face of institutions that present themselves as infallible.
With dramatic/brooding/vaguely-psychedelic classic boom-bap style beat and intricate flows, ‘Never Question The Dopeness’ is visually accompanied with a trippy clip largely created at Earth Frequency Festival 2015, just one of the festivals Skinz has performed at including The Big Day Out, The Woodford Folk Festival, The Island Vibe Reggae Festival, Stylin Up, Inala Hip-Hop and RnB Festival, Manifest, the Roots Rap Reggae Festival and Obese Records Block Parties.


Mark Welge, Master Wolf
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