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most handsome member of Diatribe
least handsome member of GIK

A classically trained multi-instrumentalist, Matt cut his teeth in hip hop as a member of Brisbane-based Diatribe, whose punchline-infused, high-energy, boom-bap saw them tear the house down across the country supporting international acts such as the Demigodz and Afrika Bambaataa. Matt was next spotted as the front-man for 9 piece band, Lisa Needs Braces, where he was able to fuse his studies of lyricism and flow with an assortment of styles including jazz, reggae, Afro-Cuban folk-funk and everything in between.

Matt’s move to Singapore in 2017 brought with it a new perspective on the world, the death of several family members, a signing to Rinsed Out Records, and the inspiration for his debut solo release, After Life.

After Life is 12 tracks of soulful, jazz-infused, lo-fi, storytelling in the vein of inspirations such as J Cole and A Tribe Called Quest. Matt explores the themes of life, love and death by weaving stories that span from one-punch kills in Fortitude Valley, to the breakdown of long-term relationships, to communicating with deceased loved ones through Incan shamans in the Peruvian jungle.

Matt has a couple of other releases in the pipeline including a joint LP with Enggy (The Archaeologists, Tailor Made), expected to drop in 2020.