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Since my late teens i have written lyrics and expressed myself through music, It wasn’t untill 2009 i started making music with D.B.O [Dodgy Backyard Operation] We did gigs in melboune at revolver, E.Ts, Johnston on johnston st, Trak, and had an absolute ball whilst doing it. Haven’t done a gig for many years now but still making music and wanted to set this page up so i can share some of my latest tracks with a wider audience.

The main reason for me starting up this page is for my cousin Adam who tragically took his own life, “Adams song” was played at his funeral and i received a lot of positive feedback during a very difficult time.

I hope that it will reach others that have also been effected by suicide and give them a sense of comfort, or possibly even reach somebody who may be in a dark place right now. If you are struggling with mental illness please reach out and speak to somebody!