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Lead Artist at Dope Poet’s Society


For as long as i can remember now i’ve been writing music and in the beginning it was a way for me to express myself, not to others so much but more so to release the pressure so to speak, when i found that i was good at it and could effect others like artists i idolised myself i thought to myself maybe i have something more then a means of survival here and thats when i started putting a lot more of my time into refining the craft of writing RAP MUSIC and then developed a passion along the way and that passion turned into this drive that fuelled this fire inside me, feeding this hunger i had to do something more be someone more someone with a rare ability to reach others and connect on some deeper level and that grew bigger and bigger until eventually i put so much of my life into achieving this that the realisation came that i was at the point of no return like i’ve already dug in so deep that returning to the surface just doesn’t make sense anymore, and now i’ve just gotta keep digging until eventually ..
i come out the other side and realise my dream