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Milwaukee Banks – duo from Melbourne consisting of of rapper Dylan Thomas and producer Edo Rafter

  • Milwaukee Banks have been redefining the sound of hip-hop in Australia since their inception. With production more in line with Australia’s rising underground of inventive electronica talent, Milwaukee Banks eschew the Australian hip-hop tradition, bringing dynamic atmosphere through forward-thinking beats and exploring deep introspection with incisive poetic flair. They’ve played attention–garnering sets at Laneway Festival and Golden Plains, and supported the likes of Raury and Big K.R.I.T.“Australian hip-hop production has come a long way from chipmunk samples and generic beats, but rarely has it sounded like this.” The Guardian
  • Milwaukee Banks are an electronic hip-hop duo from Melbourne, Australia. The members are Edo (producer) and Dyl Thomas (vocals,raps).They emerged in late 2013 with the release of their first song, Pluto Bounce,[1] which premiered on Interview Magazine.[2] In 2014 the group was nominated for best emerging artist in the Music Victoria Awards in 2014.[3]In 2014 they signed to Inertia Access to release their debut EP, The Rose Water EP. The EP was followed up with a remix EP, featuring remixes by Australian artists of all the songs from the Rose Water EP.

    In late 2014 they released a pair of collaborative tracks, produced by Australian artists Andrei Eremin and Rat & Co.[4]

    They won a competition through Triple J Unearthed to perform at the St Jeromes Laneway Festival in Melbourne in 2015.[5]

    Milwaukee Banks are now signed to Dot Dash and Remote Control Records,[6] and are about to release their debut album, Deep Into The Night