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band members
J bdeps – Producer/MC, Mark 1 – MC/DJ, Toobiz – MC
DJ Premier, Pete Rock, Nas
Mindfield formed as a group in mid 2003, although their roots stem back as far as 1994. The crew consists of Bdeps (Producer/MC), TooBiz (MC) and Mark 1 (MC/DJ). Bdeps incredible work on the beats and breaks sees him as highly in demand producer, Biz unique voice and flow has him in constant request for guest verses and Mark 1’s lyrical and turntable capability saw him place second by just 2 votes for’s 2004 Upcoming Artist of the Year and take silver for Solo Album of the Year with his debut. Mindfield are an incredibly focussed and hardworking group, having four releases of great quality and acclaim in such a short time. The releases include the Bdeps solo EP “Progression”, the highly regarded “Audiosyncracies” solo LP from Mark 1, “Biz & Bdeps” the groups’ first 12” vinyl release and “This Way Up” a 7” vinyl single. These albums although very well received in their own right, are just a taste of what the group will bring all together on their debut LP “This Way Up”. “We put in the effort and time to do this right, endless nights in the Crackhouse ‘til we got our stuff tight/ Earned respect for our live shows and getting heads hype, wrecking mics, with the quality control like J5…..” – ‘This Way Up’ Mindfield are not only prolific in the lab. They are also one of Adelaide’s foremost live acts, having over 60 shows under their combined belts. They played the Channel V stage at the Adelaide leg of the 2006 Big Day Out and have shared the stage with the likes of Blackalicious, Q Bert, Lyrics Born, Guru of Gangstarr, Lyrical Commission and the Hilltop Hoods. With their big reputation for an awesome performance, these guys are no strangers to the live scene, and crowds come prepared for the roof to be lifted off. Mindfields’ talent, work ethic and electrifying live show has them on the verge of big things. Their debut release “This Way Up” is coming soon and is set to put them at the forefront of the national hiphop scene. As Mark 1 states on the albums title track, “we’ve faced every hurdle, persevered and overcome, now it’s done, This Way Up, the whole scene is over run…..”


Featured on ‘Airheads Two (Australian Beats & Rhymes)’ released in 2005