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  • MITUS is a hip hop artist from AUSTRALIA who has been touring

    the country since 2008!

    With an energetic and often sporatic style MITUS has been breaking new ground where ever he lands!

    He has shared the stage with the best this country has to offer and even the world! 

    MITUS has many diverse styles and is known to leave it all on a beat.

    with 4 mixtapes under his belt and popularity soaring to new

    heights in Australia and even across the globe 2017 will see the

    debut full length album (ENTRY POINT) from this hard working artist..


    “What ive been up to” MIXTAPE (2007) 

    “So what.. I was bored” MIXTAPE (2010)

    “The PREquel” PRE album compilation (2012)..

    7 Deadly 7″ Vol. 1 (2015)

    THE MIXTAPE (2015)

    ENTRY POINT (To be released in 2017)


    Reason, Grotesque (USA), Tunz, DJ kidream, Rorks drift (Collective crew), Ghost in the room, Big T plus more TBA.

    MITUS has shared the stage with:

    XZIBIT(USA), The Game (USA), O.C(DITC), Dj Boogie Blind, Tha Likz(USA), Cormega(USA) Dirty Dike(UK), Fliptrix(UK), Ed scissor tongue(UK), Dj sammy b side (UK), Solomon Childs (USA), Bias B, Trem, Jessica mauboy, HUNTER (RIP), Simplex (Terra Firma), Fraksha, Scotty Hinds, Thundamentals, K21, Mr. Hill & Rahjconkas, Maundz, Lael Rockwell (USA), Eloquor, Dialect & Despair, Kerser, Rates, Fortay and many more.

    MITUS Has featured/Cameo’ed in the following; Movie, Music video, tv show etc:

    Housos vs authority movie (2012),

    Illergic – get on down (music video cameo),

    NJE – Raw like chips (Music video cameo),

    Collective crew – Aus style (Music video cameo).

    Rachel Nadine – Shout (music video cameo),

    Jobi – Are you with me (Music video cameo)