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  • Between October 6, 1990 and sometime around 1996, Miguel D’Souza hosted The Mothership Connection, a weekly hip-hop show on Sydney community radio 2SER-FM. The show featured many, many MC’s, DJ’s and even graf writers and b-boys and b-girls of the Sydney hip hop scene as regular guests.
  • Sydney’s first hip hop show started in October 1990. It was called The Mothership Connection and aired on 2SER every Tuesday afternoon.
  • Well before hip-hop took hold in mainstream Australia, Sydney’s aspiring MCs, breakdancers and others thirsty for its sound would tune in to the long-running Mothership Connection show on radio 2SER and hear freestyle rapping from Australians and interviews with overseas notables among the hip-hop treats.
  • Tim Levinson was among them, and what the Blue Mountains youngster heard in the 1990s on the community station – which turns 30 tomorrow – was a pivotal influence in becoming one of Australia’s leading rappers as frontman of the Herd.”2SER and shows like the Mothership Connection were the hub for hip-hop in Sydney,” says Levinson, stage name Urthboy. They were ”what hip-hop kids would listen to religiously … And now we are seeing massive growth in the hip-hop scene and they’re on commercial radio, and the horse has bolted.”The station’s airplay of the fledgling band when they struggled to get their music heard – far from their top-10 status today – is typical of its supportive relationship with home-grown music and a prime reason it is seen as indispensable to a vibrant music scene in Sydney.”Without 2SER, there’s a very good chance that the Herd would never have existed,” says Levinson, who wound up co-hosting a program on unreleased music and taking others to a wider audience. ”2SER was just instrumental in us being able to communicate with people.”
  • 2SER is a community radio station in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, broadcasting on the frequency 107.3 FM
  • Archives can be downloaded at;
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Miguel D’Souza, a prominent advocate of Australian hip hop in Sydney weekly street music paper 3D until 1998 and through his longstanding role as host of community  243 radio station 2SER’s hip hop radio program The mothership connection, claimed that Fenech’s documentary Basic equipment managed to “document what has happened to hip hop culture in the West, and re-emphasise the point that resistance still is at the core
of Western Suburbs hip hop” (1998, p.2). D’Souza also argued, with some justification, that Sydney hip hop had become “gentrified” in the mid-1990s, moving away from its western suburbs origins to a more inner-city base – Tony Mitchell











rare pic of TMC burnin up Sin City airwaves, image taken by Myme01

2SER, The Mothership Connection