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Dan Young, better known by the stage name Muphin (pronounced as “muffin”) or Muph for short, first came to notice by winning the 2001 Victorian Verbal Mechanics Freestyle Battle Competition and since then performing countless live shows.
“I’m kind of an introverted guy, except for my music, that’s my one main outlet where I feel comfortable saying whatever I feel. When I get up onstage, after the first few songs it feels like people know me in a way.”
His reflective and conscious song writing had its debut release in 2003 with More Than Music. It was during the making of that album that Young forged a musical partnership with Ryan, which resulted in the official forming of their partnership, Muph & Plutonic.


Featured on 15.Oz Vinyl – 15 Years Of Australian Hip-Hop On Vinyl released in 2004 on Crookneck Records

Featured on Culture of Kings Volume 3 in 2003