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AKA Muzzy is an electronic rap artist from the suburban streets of Australia.

Unlike your typical aussie rapper AKA Muzzy delivers his lyrics across a wide range of instrumental genres that spand from chilled all the way to club bangers and trap which expands his audience from the typical aussie hip hop fanatics. His music widely appeals to youth as it’s lyrical content is inspired from his upringing in a low/middle class lifestyle that relates to majority of australian adolescent.

Starting of as an internet rapper AKA Muzzy first gained attention when his entry to 360’s “hecktikest” competition was shared by 360 on facebook and received over 70,000 views. With the recognition and appraise given by listeners AKA Muzzy set out to complete his first mixtape for release late 2016.

You will be able to stream/purchase his mixtape “Rockstar Supermodel Lamborghini Millionaire” through iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Google Music.


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