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Nardean is an Egyptian-Australian MC, poet, singer and songwriter. Her work is motivated by the unflinching pursuit of honesty, integrity and authentic feminine force. As a performer Nardine displays an unfiltered humanity that allows her to connect with anyone, no matter how nuanced, complex or cosmic her subject matter is. A warm presence, bubbly persona and quiet magnetism emanate from her, captivating audiences as she further cements her reputation as a force to be reckoned with.

Nardean is an extremely talented spoken word artist/poet/singer/songwriter caught all of our attention after releasing the stunning Nothing Matters on Triple J Unearthed. With an EP expected on May 9 we’re super keen to see what else she has in store.
Nardine, the enquiring poet with really big hair who is often introduced to the stage as “Queen Nardine” isn’t trying to be anything grander than a real human being who wants to bring change. Through her poetry and music she communicates as if her performances were a conversation between two individuals, separating out the world’s tangles to uncover truths, much like the tangled curls she has learned to love. She symbolises all that it means to be a woman coming into power, with a perfect balance of strength and humility in her art. Her unique ability to effortlessly flow ideas through voice and melody wins hearts immediately and has quickly established her as one of Sydney’s most exciting performers.

Growing up in western Sydney’s Mount Druitt, Nardine embodies the under-represented and often misrepresented voices of Australian women of colour. With a rich cultural heritage, her father, having studied a PhD, was Minister of Finance in Egypt before moving his family to Australia, spending his years here working in a library. This inspired her love of language and led her to study English Literature at Macquarie University with the aim of becoming a teacher. When she finally decided to listen to her true calling, she realised she would be much more effective as a teacher through the platform of poetry and music, where she discovered a deeper connection to her truth. As a result, her approach to creating and performing music is one that honours knowledge and intelligence, growth and self-reflection.

A warm presence, bubbly persona and quiet magnetism emanate from her, captivating her audiences as she further cements her place in the Sydney arts scene.