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Nate is of the Gumbaynggirr tribe of NSW

“Music allows you to speak your mind and connect with people,” he said. “It has been part of our culture for thousands of years, a way of mixing dance and storytelling.”

Nate Weatherall is a hiphop artist from Armidale and is part of the Gumbaynggirr tribe of NSW. Music has been part of his life from a young age and first became involved with Kim McConville as a participant through Big hART’s project ‘Knot at Home’ back in 2003.
Nate is passionate about making a difference for his people and community and has been working with BE since 2011. Nate now facilitates hiphop workshops on a regular basis throughout Armidale and Moree and has worked alongside numerous talented artists including Spit Syndicate, Jimblah, Radical Son, Emma Donavon and Jess Ruibero.

BE gives Nate the opportunity to grow as an individual artist and be part on a number of projects and workshops within his local community and others. Nate believes BE projects break down barriers within communities and give young people in communities the opportunity to build confidence and showcase their unique talents.

Member of Groups – Koorified, KFunk

Record Label – Mad Proppa Deadly

Worked with Producer – Adit Gauchan

Toured with – Radical Son, Jess Ruibero & Emma Donovan