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Hey, My name is Craig Weribone- Wright and i’m a proud Gamilaroi-Bigunbul Aboriginal Aussie with full family morals instilled in me by my mother and indigenous ancsestoral spirit guides and dreamings gifted to me, that I dare not question, by my father’s- father’s- father’s….
Having grown up in an all Caucasian family and an education on Australian history only consisting of the fiction that has been told for the past 250 years, I had always felt an attachment and connection to the spirits and past ancestors of this beautiful country.
I love children so much I’ve had 7 children (with 2 unfortunately waiting n watching from the heavens above) and a beautiful fiance I plan to marry asap.
I work as an Indigenous Artist and Entertainer, painting murals, doing performances (dance/didgeridoo/story telling, face painting etc) in schools of any age or status, respite centers, private and corporate functions etc and have only been writing rhymes for the last 5-6 months with the support of some great friends. I really hope u appreciate my music, now and in the future, that I’ve written from my own experiences in my own life.