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solo artist & member of 1200 Techniques

N’fa Jones Been around the world and back.. been signed, been high, been low, but always rolling with rhymes, and a message in tow.. After years of journeying abroad, N’fa is home, and busy with new music. About to release a new album packed with music written and produced with Sensible J & Dutch, Ta-ku, Styalz Fuego, and Matt Kent, N’fa is steady gettin busy being heard on Drapht’s singles “Bali Party, and “1990’s”, with features on tracks by Remi, Nick Thayer and crew. His last release was the Bablyondon EP, featuring ‘March On’ and ‘Wayooy’ which featured production by M-Phazes and vocals by Roots Manuva. Plenty more music to come by this independent artist.

N’FA spent most of 2000-2006 selling albums, writing, recording, and touring all major Australian/NZ festivals (including many massive sell out shows) with his ground breaking outfit, 1200 Techniques. N’fa, spent 06 and 07 bringing his new solo vision to the nation with his critically acclaimed solo album “Cause An Effect” which featured production by Black Eyed Peas, DBridge, Roots Manuva, Dobie, and music video’s directed by the late and great Heath Ledger.
Equipped with a drummer, an ITF champion DJ & keys player, N’fa toured his new ‘Cause An Effect’ stage performance across the country and rocked thousands of Aussie fans in the process. Premier festivals such as Splendour In The Grass, Homebake, Good Vibrations, Falls and Pyramid Rock all witnessed N’fa’s new energy, not to mention a rigorous touring schedule with international, and national kings such as De La Soul, Roots Manuva, Souls Of Mischief, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Arrested Development, Butterfingers, Blue King Brown, guesting with Katalyst, Resin Dogs, Foreign heights, and Breaks DJ’s Nick Thayer, Bass Kleph, Daedelus, Son Of Kick, Taking his live shows to cities abroad. Check us out live >
N’FA spent most of 2008 and 2009 travelling and writing across the US, UK, & Scandenavia, Canada, Korea creating a huge back log of material, forming his idea for No Fixed Abode – a new musical movement with a range of sounds, melodies, heavy bass-lines and a UK based outfit.
From the music standpoint, it’s all about releasing the new record and making this magic happen, but form the personal point – music is just a “thing You do”. It’s Your real life You got to think about. If everything’s working and You can fit the music in – that’s great. But when other things get in the way, You have to decide – to be selfish, completely obsessed musician or a family man. That’s life in general. You gotta choose. If You’re not happy outside music, You won’t be happy within it. If the music isn’t working, You feel like You’re failing. Take music very carefully and treat it very respectfully, because it’s not an easy way to success. In 1200 Techniques, even though we had different visions, everything happened so organically and beautifully, I believed that’s just how it works. Not realizing, that we’re on a beautiful wave, moment, that normally wouldn’t have happened. We’ve done a little deals and independent groundwork – You can do that when You’re 17 to 23, when You don’t have kids, job or mortgage, You can put hours into it, nothing really matters. But when other stuff comes in – You have to educate yourself in new reality.
I hope the history books of Australian music will not cancel us out, the group that bridged the overseas hip-hop with the local hip-hop. I felt there had to be a bridge, and 1200 Techniques was that bridge… Us, me and my strange – not Australian, not English, not American accent – our beats, cultural influences created a bridge strong enough to make people to listen, move to and hang out with us, to make people like Rodney P get on the track. I think being that bridge was our historical point. That’s what we were meant to be. – N’fa –