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Nibs has been writing stories and poetry since he was a young boy and when he found his love for Graffiti, the music came with it.
Starting up live taking to the stage with a dirty, no-fucks given demeanor, he still plays live with every opportunity that he gets to grab the microphone.
Supporting a heap of well-known artists such as Hau, DubFX, Drapht, Complete, Kogz, Minas, Rates and Retayner to name the more prominent names.
Nibs also manages events through his business Elevated Music Tasmania, and works with Greeley from time to time to host events with THCtv.
Quite a fresh member of the Tasmanian Hip Hop collective, yet Nibs has made his place permanent as an event promoter, manager and as a great live performer.


Appeared on the THCtv Mixtape Volume 2


Featured on the THCtv Mixtape Volume #1 released in 2017

Performed at Twisted Rhymes II in 2016