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“Hometown: Brisbane Why they matter: When Nokz started rapping, it was alongside his older brother at home in Forest Lake, a suburb in the outer southwest of Brisbane. Together, they spat bars about “what we thought love was as a 12-year-old” into a $2 headset from Crazy Clark’s, a mattress pushed up next to the wall to keep the sound out. It wasn’t until 2020 that the now 25-year-old stepped into a real studio, motivated by the drive to provide for his family. But once he did, things immediately took off for Nokz: he made waves with tracks like Chat and Into Drinking and in 2021 stepped up for a killer Red Bull 64 Bars. Now signed to his mate Lisi’s new imprint Castille Records, things are only poised to get bigger from here. In a short amount of time, Nokz has come a long way from the $2 headset in the garage. What to watch: Nokz’s Red Bull 64 Bars, to see his raw talent on display.”