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solo artist & member of Sydney Serchaz

To some people, Sydney Searchaz was a love/hate thing, people liked us and people didn’t. For me, it was everything back then. I loved it what we had and what we stood for, we appealed to the criminal and graffiti side of Sydney which a lot of people didn’t understand, but there was that fan base for it. It was a really good and big thing for us, we just kept it real and the real ones related.

Beef is everywhere in this game, it’s full of snakes, that’s just real shit. You can be crew, and next thing they’re dropping diss tracks with the other side. It’s just the way it goes – no one wants to see the next man doing better than them, it’s just a jealous streak. But for everyone to come together for that night was dope, it just goes to show that the game is stronger if we band together.

I want my kids to grow up and say “My dad he worked his ass off to get us were we are today,” not turn around and say “My dad’s a dropkick who was a drug dealing scum bag.” For me, it’s everything – dirty hands, clean money.