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Oetha (pronounced O-E-Tha) is an all ladies Hip Hop group. Given that they Australian, & even the global Hip Hop scene is heavily dominated by men, these Indigenous Sistas have come at just the right time!

Made up of the super talented Lady Lash, Miss Hood & Dizzy D, together they breathe a breath of fresh air into the music scene, providing some feminine energy & a much needed balance to the scene! The music off their forth coming EP, has some strong social messages, great insights, tells personal stories while providing some serious anthems for women that all music lovers will appreciate!

They by no means exclude men, however they do celebrate Indigenous women, in fact they celebrate all women. Given that women are the backbone of every family, community & society, they actually represent every human being on the entire planet!

Their name, Oetha is an acronym meaning, Our Earth The Heart Acknowledges. This clearly represents their soulful sound that, like all great Hip Hop, is deeply connected to the rhythm of the earth.
On the verge of releasing their debut single titled, Sista girl, Oetha are focused on making an impact on the Australian music scene. Where better to start than at the grassroots level, where they have strong ties & a solid foundation.

Miss Hood: I remember meeting Lady Lush about 7 years or so ago she was a very big inspiration and had helped me through a few personal tough times. I looked up to her as a mentor, a sister, and a friend. She was an amazing talent, a hip hop highlight in her own right and defiantly a force to be reckoned with. She had the same dive and dedication as me.

Our passion was to show the world that us as women and mothers can still give the boys a good run for their money when it came to the rap game. I met Dizzy around 2010 when things were starting to become big in the music scene between Payback Records Founder Nathen Lovett Murray AKA Nat-Rat and Redfern Records Founder, Steven Ridgway. It was the first time Sydney and Melbourne had their own Independent Indigenously owned powerful hip hop labels.

Here was an important time for Aboriginal movement and change was in the air. I remember coming face to face with the Sydney alit of Redfern Records it was nothing far from a historic event in the indigenes music chapter. Us as brothers and sisters alike all coming together with one goal in mind we were going to get our voices heard regardless of our gender our skin colour or our upbringing.

We were going to pave the way and leave the platform for future artist to come. Me and Dizzy clicked quite quickly I remember the first time I heard her rap. I was completely blown away she sounded like Stormy the original female MC of Tupac’s Outlaws.

Since then one of my dreams were to do a music collaboration between the 3 female power-houses of the hip hop game Me, Lash, and Dizz.