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One Day is a hip hop collective made up of HorrorshowSpit SyndicateJackie Onassis and Joyride. Their debut album ‘Mainline’ landed at #2 on the ARIA Chart and lead single Love Me Less made triple j’s Hottest 100.
They’ve rocked gigs and festivals with their electric live show and their ever-expanding block party One Day Sundays is regularly attracting hordes of partygoers across the country.
One Day have recently announced One Day Only, a revolutionary day party taking place at Manning House in Sydney on Saturday November 21st. The event will host 3,000 partygoers across three stages with an amazing lineup featuring live acts and DJs spanning the genres of hip hop, r’n’b, neo-soul and electronica.
they’ve raised almost $50,000 to help homeless youth, Indigenous groups, refugees and domestic violence victims.
“We are musicians and party organisers who care deeply about our community and believe in using the platforms we have to effect positive change,” Lupi says. “But I am not talking about Live Aid We Are The World, it is more grassroots than that.”  “We used to say ‘We want to rap one day, we want to have a record label one day, we want to put out our own music one day’. ‘One day’ was an aspirational thing,” Lupi says.
“There’s no point having a massive platform if you’re not saying shit,” Lupi says. “These events are about putting on a party and making music to push a few different goals, one of which is to make a positive impact and do something good. But it is not all these super-profound, life-changing, inspirational messages.”