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Organised Rhym Productions – They released a 5 track ep in ’93 out of Frankston, Vic.
Don’t think it was one crew but rather a compilation of artists Rising Not Running, Doo Dayz, Rhyme and Brudas United As One.
Melbourne based ORGANIZED RHYME PRODUCTIONS also released a somewhat curious compilation EP which included a track each from RISING NOT RUNNING, DOO DAYZ, RHYME, BRUDAS UNITED AS ONE and ORGANIZED RYHME themselves. Very dark and old school sounding, which the younger audience found hard to appreciate, although it wasn’t an altogether satisfying release. – Blaze

Organized Rhym Productions Crew consisted of members : DZ.R / RHYME / DOO DAYZ aka RAID / EXCEL aka ZULU KING EXCEL / DJ KASH.
The Organized Rhym Productions Crew formed in 1991in Melbourne , Australia, The E.P. was recorded over the period and was officially reeased in 1993. All members disbanded in 1994 going seperate ways to work on other endevours. Excel & Raid went onto building a studio then later going seperate ways each working in respective studios – Excel – Rebelbase and Raid – Nuffsaid Recordings.