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band members
rosie burgess – bleeps, bloops, beats n vocals

Wagon Christ, Mouse on Mars, jean grae

unearthed artists we like
DUSC, Rosie Burgess, Bertha Control, IONIC, Occupied Mind


One night, as the clock struck midnight, singer/songwriter Rosie Burgess stumbled into her studio to find the whole placed changed. As the room spun wildly around her, phat beats clanged through her head, acid base lines ran through her viens, her hood went up and her arms crossed over her chest. As the room finally came to rest, Panika remained standing. and some more about panika… She’s is a melbourne based electro-hip hopper who has spent the last year mac-top- DJing around country, and working with other like-minded hiphopheads to produce high energy live shows. Her latest independant release, “genetically modified” is a melting pot of sizzling australian electro-hip hop lushness. Never afraid to voice an opinion, panika slides through issues of life, love, living and all that comes in between through a blend of hip hop, drum n bass and electro squelch beats. Playing live Panika calls on the skills of the frenetic scratcher and patcher DJ Noir and together they shake the stage.