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ARTIST NAME : PARALLAX ERROR REAL NAME : ANDREW MONTE Born 8th May 1982 in Canberra where I have stayed to complete high school and then college in 2000. Music has always been a part of my life but it is only recently that I have found a way to express myself musically. Whilst I was growing up I was drawn to music and listened to anything I could. Then, I began to play drums in high school and joined a high school band where we played covers of Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Nirvana, Silverchair and anything else that fit the Grunge genre, which was ‘the in thing’ at the time. We no longer play together but are still in contact to relive the memories and talk about a reunion someday. In college my interest turned to Hip-hop so I bought my first set of turntables and tried my hand at mixing. I enjoyed mixing for a few years before life got in the way and I ended up selling my turntables and drum kit to focus on finding a career and seeing what life had to offer. I joined the Army reserves, started working full time, started motor racing and completed numerous short courses including creative writing, computer programming. Even bar service. But despite all this I felt that something was missing and this brought me back to my first love, music. I realised that I was happiest when I was playing music and I realised that music is my calling. At this point I threw myself into learning. I bought Pro-tools, then Fruityloops, then Ableton. I also purchased an electronic drum kit and took some lessons to reinvigorate my skills after a few years off. I completed a course on music notation and writing musical pieces at CIT and this semester I am undertaking a course on Music Business and looking forward to next semester already. At the moment I am finding myself drawn to producing, especially with Ableton which I have used for a couple years. I have completed a beginner and advanced course on Ableton online at producer (see included certificate). I also actively use the forums and provide comments on other contributors’ productions and questions which is why Rob Jones, the instructor, has asked me to become a moderator on the forum. I am thoroughly enjoying Ableton and drumming but I’m also looking forward to starting to work with vocals, guitar and other artists. I’m learning continually and growing as an artist with instruments, software and with writing melodies, bass lines and arrangements. Now that I have realised that music is my calling I am dedicated to making music my life. Music is inspiring and amazing in its ability to make people reflect on life and themselves. My goal is to create music that brings enjoyment to peoples’ lives, that makes people stop and think about life, to bring a smile to people’s faces, or, even better, to take the initiative to do something to make this a better world.