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Pasika was born on April 2 1990 in Melbourne, Australia. At the age of one, his mother sent him to Swaziland (South Africa) to live with his Grandmother. Returning to Australia in 1994, where he lived in the housing commission flats in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Pasika’s love for music was influenced by his parents whom both where of a musical background. Paskia’s father left three months after his birth leaving Sbongile Maseko (Mother) to raise him on her own. Paskia’s love for music started with reggae music at a very early age, and then grew to include the sounds of pop and R&B through Michael Jackson, whom he would imitate and sing along to. Hip hop came into the picture when high school came along, writing rhymes in class and performing them to school peers. Still searching for a tool to express himself, he found himself writing soulful music, finally finding his place in R&B as his musical genre. Paskia started performing his music in 2009 since then he has performed at many of Melbourne’s most recognised live gig venues eg; The Espy Hotel, Ladida Night Club, Sahara nights, Ding Dong Lounge, Laundry Bar Fitzroy, The Barley Corn Hotel, Sub Lounge, Horse Bazaar, Northcote social Club and The Horn. Paskia has written and recorded many original tracks as well as performed alongside many talented artists local artists (Malakai, Melody, Mac Strongg) and that are internationally recognised (Diafrix, J-WESS). Paskia featured on Diafrix “Pocket Full of Dreams” Album release Tour (Australia) and performed with MASSIVE HipHop Choir at Melbourne’s Moomba Festival, 2011. Other than following his own dreams, Pasika continuously makes a point of helping others fullfill their dreams by performing at fundraiser events such as; Party For Love (Living in Love Project- and The Wings of Hope Fundraiser (