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Founded in 2013 Poets Laureate is a Hip-Hop trio made up of Stane, Force & Dj Confusious located in Perth. The crew isworking on their freshman EP. Poets released the ‘Lost In The Mad House’ Mixtape which is available on Bandcamp with a solo mixtape being release by both Stane & Force mid-late 2016.¬†

The ‘Poets Laureate’ is a Perth based hip hop trio formed mid-2012. With Jake “Force McAlister and Henry “Stane” Dove on the mic & Confusious on the production¬†and DJ’ing they form to make the Poets. They seek to show listeners a silver lining to the darker clouds, through their tough up-bringing they have learnt how to see a brighter day and wish to show you all the same. Currently working on their first mixtape together “Lost In The Mad House” with the concept saying that the world has gone crazy and they are the last ‘sane’ people in it. There are two artists both are 19, Henry ‘ Stane ‘ Dove and Jake ‘Force’ McAlister both are writers of all the songs and the main vocalists ‘Rappers’ on all the tracks.

Henry ‘Stane’ Dove started writing and recording at 16 as he was strongly influenced by the hip-hop scene through street art, rap music and growing up in Morley. Morley is a suburb that is surrounded with Hip-Hop through the legal and illegal art walls that cover the streets the many youth centres with hip-hop related programs. After some dark years he turned to a crew called “Simple Complexities” as he worked to perfect his art of rap he worked on many songs, collaberations and a small mixtape later on leaving them and turning to the ‘Poets Laureate’.

Jake ‘Force’ McAlister turned to hip hop at a young age joining a youth group in a B Boy crew. He performed at many dance acadmies doing concerts all over perth where he soon found hip-hop. As a Melbourne born alot of his family was into rap music and told him plenty about the scene growing in Melbourne after he had moved to perth. As he grew older he was fascinated in poetry learning as much as he could about it at school slowly growing very fond of rhyming, wordplay and the complexity of similies. He started to write and record his own music at 15 in a crew he formed through school called ‘The Klouded Minds’. As the leading role of the crew he took them to do many live shows but found they lacked dedication and thats when he moved on to from the ‘Poets Laureate’ with Henry.

Although they have been an official duo for a short time they have been collaberating over the years so they reflect and enhance one n’ others skills. Through their previous engagements they have become very skilled at performing although they know there is alot more to learn. At a young age such confidence is overwhelming and they are defienatly i crew to watch out for!