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The Pork MC, coming out of Sydney’s Northern Beaches creates music reflecting his local culture and his unconditional love for old school Hip Hop. Pork started featuring in underground Hip Hop albums in his duo ‘Cathartic’ with next door neighbour and producer ‘Wollie’. It is in these underground albums where Pork found his creativity before turning to a solo career to further alter his rhyme style and develop his flow. Furthermore, producing for the comedic underground group ‘GathoBoyz’ Pork explored his versatility by adjusting his lyrical content. Pork has accumulated pockets of success throughout his young career and has had his talents noticed by Hip Hop legends ‘Wu-Tang-Clan’, ‘Freddie Foxxx’ and ‘Prodeje’ while having ongoing support from the Indigenous Australian Hip Hop scene.


Cathartic, GathoBoyz

collaborated with Big P, Zackattack and more Bidgy talent